About Us

Who We Are

We Grow Forest Foundation is a carbon-neutral non-profit organisation accredited by Environmental NGOs of India (ENGOI). It was founded by a group of women committed to saving the planet and treating it with the respect it deserves. Our motto is to protect natural habitats, reduce carbon footprint and ensure reforestation through urban forestry and related efforts.

Our Other Avenues

Our primary objective is to bring greenery back into cities. We endorse sustainable living, create awareness on emission control and reducing carbon footprint, work with building green infrastructure, conduct nature building activities, and work with governmental departments to establish recycling projects. By supporting our work, you’re helping to create a sustainable future.

Core Team

Dr Meera

Aparna Anand

Anjali Asmi Syed

Merin Jacob







Green Voyage Vision

We envision sustainable travel within everyone’s reach to ensure responsible travel to mitigate climate change.

Green Voyage Mission

Our mission is to bring the world closer to sustainable development by creating awareness, breaking the misconception and promoting the adoption of green mobility. Starting the world’s first carbon-neutral journey, we aspire to be the torchbearers of sustainable travel.

Green Voyage Objectives

Green Voyage is our mission towards a behavioural shift to sustainability, influencing humankind through our journey. We expect to build a green perspective for the present and future.

Fight Against Climate Change

Reach Carbon Neutrality

Build Green Consciousness

Promote Green Mobility and Hospitality

Support Local Circular Economy

Collaboration with Public & Private Sectors

Promoting Digital Products

Recognising Green Heroes


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to Green Voyage

We will minimise our emissions with the right choice of material, consumption, and effective waste management. We will calculate our individual and collective carbon emissions during the journey and offset them by planting trees.

In collaboration with the regional environmental NGOs, government, institutions, and environmentalists, we will be conducting green shows, planting trees, discussions, and spreading green consciousness in public.

We will be staying in eco-stays or places that follow a green protocol. These will be close to the route and charging stations to save distance and time.

We will be carrying minimal luggage to reduce the weight of the Electric Vehicle, which will also increase the range. Along with travel essentials, we will also carry car repair tools, electronic gadgetry, photography equipment etc.

We start the Green Voyage from Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari. The start time would mostly be in the morning after a ceremony to address the travellers and the EV with the good wishes of everyone involved.