Travel with us

Are you inspired by our cause and want to join us?

We are a sisterhood, and we empower women to step into leadership. Anyone, preferably women, with a sense of belonging to nature is encouraged to participate in this voyage. Individuals who own an Electric Vehicle will be given special consideration for the selection criteria.

Donate to Our Cause

We deeply value contributions from people like you who feel responsible towards the environment around you and are determined to give back to society from your share of wealth. Every small contribution can make a huge difference. We would be happy to join hands with you.

Volunteer with us

We are looking for incredible volunteers from across the country who can actively participate in the preplanned events during the Green Voyage. Volunteers are very crucial for making our events successful. Regardless of age, skills or background, anyone passionate and have time to give could volunteer with us.

Buy Our Products

Throughout our journey, we will be using products like seed balls, digital business cards, etc., that will be part of our efforts to make this trip sustainable. All profits from the sales of these products will go towards sustainable practices to make Green Voyage a success.


Green Consulting

Plant a Tree

Seed Balls

No matter where or why you travel, leave behind a legacy of positive footprint, not carbon footprint